Lending, credit & Coin Lending of your Numismatics

Your Coins and Precious Metals as Loan Security

Obtain liquidity without finally having to sell your collection or assets.

Coin Lending Header
Coin Lending Header

Do you temporarily need funds but do not wish to part with you precious possessions permanently?

  • Lending on your precious metals and numismatic coins
  • Generate short- or medium- but also long-term liquidity from your holdings without having to sell them
  • Safekeeping of the pledged holdings in our vaults with the highest security standards in Switzerland
  • Centrally located and quickly accessible in the centre of Zurich

Since 2013 when we were the first in Europe to offer this service, we have accepted your coin collection or investment coins and gold and other precious metal bars as security for loans on simple, attractive terms. This gives you the option to generate short, medium or even long-term liquidity from your assets without having to sell them, since the subsequent purchase of collector’s items can be difficult or even impossible. And if the precious metal price rises, premature disposal is galling. 

The items provided as security for the loan will be kept in our strongroom under the highest level of security and insured in Switzerland. Once the agreed amount has been repaid in full, you will again have full entitlement to your precious possessions.  

We will be happy to provide more detailed information and a concrete offer. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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How Coin Lending works

For example you need CHF 100,000 short or longer term liquidity and you have a coin collection or precious metal assets. After first contacting us, come to see us in Zurich and bring your valuables with you, so that we can see them and give a valuation estimate in line with the market. In principle, the loan to value ratio is 40% of the market value estimate, which means that in our example you would have to deposit with us items with an estimated value of at least CHF 250,000.00. The yearly interest rate on the loan will be agreed upon signing the contract, and interest is invoiced quarterly.

Important: The minimum loan amount is CHF 25,000. The estimated value of the security to be deposited must, therefore, be at least CHF 62,500.00.