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Established specialist in old coins and medals

Together with our sister company SINCONA Swiss International Coin Auction AG, the first-class Swiss coin auction house in Zurich, we offer established expertise in and a passion for numismatics, i.e. for coins, medals and banknotes, all under one roof. 

Since 2011, SINCONA Swiss International Coin Auction AG – affectionately shortened to SINCONA AG – has stood for quality, reliability and probity and as an international giant in the numismatics field. Originating from the numismatic department of UBS, SINCONA AG in Zurich has held bi-annually first class, highly regarded auctions of coins and medals from across the world, including from Switzerland of course, as well as banknotes, historical stocks and bonds, orders and decorations, etc.

Internationally highly renowned auctions for numismatics in Zurich

In addition to the opportunity to sell collectible objects such as gold and silver coins and medals, banknotes, orders and decorations at the live auctions at its premises in Zurich, SINCONA AG also offers other services. You can have your coin collection or individual items valued, sell items directly, take part in the auction as a buyer or be expertly and discreetly represented at other auctions.

Contact the specialists at SINCONA Swiss International Coin Auction AG – it will be worth it!