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Gold, Gold, Or, Oro [79Au]

Gold, the queen of precious metals, has stood for value and security since time immemorial and is still regarded as an effective protection against inflation. Especially in times of low interest rates and the apparently limitless multiplication of paper money, the universally appreciated and popular precious metal, which is limited in quantity and which cannot be produced artificially, offers an uncomplicated and effective means of asset diversification and protection.

Gold is known and valued throughout the world. Particularly popular with investors are 1 ounce (1 oz) government minted gold coins, especially the Krugerrand from South Africa, the Maple Leaf from Canada and the Philharmonic from Austria. Confidence in these coins is strong and they offer a good balance between flexibility in buying and selling, as well as an attractive premium, and are well known and accepted across the world. 

Gold bars are also available to the purchaser as an alternative to gold coins. For large volume investors in particular, 1 kg gold bars are a good way to build large physical gold positions at a low premium over the gold price.

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SINCONA TRADING AG has a wide range of Gold Bars and Gold Coins for sale in Zurich and will be happy to provide high quality advice on all aspects of gold and other precious metals such as silver, platinum and palladium. We also buy precious metals bars and coins at attractive and fair prices discreetly and simply in our Zurich store.

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Good to know: purchases of government minted gold coins and the gold bars we offer are exempt from VAT in Switzerland.

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