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Gold coins – government minted assets

In the 6th Century BC King Croesus first minted coins from gold with defined quality properties and uniform weight and value, which greatly simplified the determination of the purchasing power of the coins tendered and thus their exchangeability. Central to the value of a gold coin, therefore, was not primarily the face value stamped on it (if there was one) but the intrinsic gold value resulting from the weight and the alloy. Gold coins were still in circulation as a means of payment up until the 1930s. Nowadays, they are no longer used for payment but they continue to be very popular with investors (and in some cases collectors).

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In Zurich we have a large selection of the most popular gold coins from Switzerland, Europe, America, Canada, South Africa and Asia. All gold coins sold by us are verified as genuine and we guarantee this. For us as reputable, professional gold trader, that goes without saying!

We also carry an extensive range of Gold Bars.

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Good to know: purchases of government minted gold coins are exempt from VAT in Switzerland.

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