Current gold prices and silver prices in CHF

Price List for Precious Metals Bars and Coins 

Our continuously updated buying prices and selling prices in CHF for coins and bars of gold, silver and other precious metals 

Prices updated:

Disclaimer: All prices are in Swiss Francs CHF and both the gold price as well as the silver price and the prices for palladium and platinum are continuously updated every five minutes. This list and the prices contained therein are for information purposes only and are not binding. The availability of the individual products for sale remains subject to availability.

We always keep an eye on the gold price and the silver price and our prices in CHF are continuously updated

The gold price and the silver price, but also the prices for a fine ounce of the precious metals platinum and palladium, are set on commodity exchanges internationally, predominantly in Zurich, Switzerland. The publicly listed market prices are subject to the principle of supply and demand and change every second. Our price list takes these permanent price changes into account and automatically adjusts the prices in Swiss Francs CHF for the listed products in gold, silver, platinum and palladium every five minutes to the current conditions. This ensures that you always receive the most up-to-date prices displayed by us.


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