20 Lire 1862-1897 Gold Coin (Italy)

20 Lire 1862-1897 Gold Coin (Italy)

Material Gold
Type Coins
Fineness 900/1000 (90%)
Fine weight 5.806 gram
Issuer Italy

Good to know: State-minted gold coins and gold bars can be purchased in Switzerland without VAT!

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The 20 Lire gold coin was minted from 1861-1927 and issued by the Banca d'Italia. Because the coins were minted in very large quantities, they now function as a bullion coin and are a good alternative to modern investment coins. At the time, Italy, like France, Switzerland and Belgium, was part of the Latin Monetary Union and minted gold and silver coins under the same rules.

The ruler and the year appear on the obverse and the coat of arms on the reverse.

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