20 Mark Prussia Gold Coin (Germany)

20 Mark Prussia Gold Coin (Germany)

Material Gold
Type Coins
Fineness 900/1000 (90.00%)
Fine weight 7.168 gram
Issuer Germany

Good to know: State-minted gold coins and gold bars can be purchased in Switzerland without VAT!

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Between 1871 and 1918, the gold coins of the German Empire were a common and usual means of payment in Germany. The most common were the coins of Prussia under Wilhelm II. So many of these were minted that today, although tonnes of the gold coins have been melted down over the years, large quantities are still in circulation. They are considered popular investment coins and are therefore often traded close to the price of gold. Many Germans have used them in the past to secure their wealth.

The obverse shows the head of the respective ruler, while the reverse shows the imperial eagle, the denomination, the year and the inscription 'Deutsches Reich'.

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