20 Francs

20 Francs "Helvetia" Gold Coin (Switzerland)

Material Gold
Type Coins
Fineness 900/1000 (90%)
Fine weight 5.806 gram
Issuer Switzerland

Good to know: State-minted gold coins and gold bars can be purchased in Switzerland without VAT!

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The 20 Franc Helvetia was minted only 1.75 million times between 1883 and 1896 and is thus much rarer than the 20 Franc Vreneli. The mintage figures vary between 176 and 400,000 pieces per year and therefore also the prices for the respective years. Let our specialists advise you.

On the obverse, a classic female head facing left, with open hair held together by alpine roses and a tiara. The diadem bears the inscription "LIBERTAS". Parallel to the rim, "CONFŒDERATIO" is inscribed to the left of the head, "HELVETICA" to the right, 

The reverse shows the Swiss cross in a shield, above it a five-pointed star. To the left of the shield "20", to the right of it "FR", below the year.

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